Website Improvements For A Better UX

Website Improvements have been one of the biggest concern for business owners these days. After establishing your business on the internet, we know the feeling when you don’t get traffic on your website. Despite having a wonderful product or service, it feels quite bad when you don’t get leads & sales.

So, where did things get wrong?

And you start searching for answers. There can be numerous reasons why your website didn’t pay off. It might be a poor design, or non-valuable contents or a bad UX. However, there are certain common mistakes that a website owner makes while defining the functionality of the website.

The functionality of a website refers to the ease with any visitor can navigate through your website and extract information they wish to seek. In short, functionality of a website can be defined as the interactive part of the website that influences a visitor to take an action and eventually converts into a customer.

Having that said, let me enlist few website Improvement tips to enhance your business.

Website Improvements Tips

Ensure a Collaborative Effort

An open line of communication should be established between a web designer and website developer to ensure successful creation or redesigning of a website. This should be done most often as the two teams may not be aware of the limitations of each other.

Clear communication can help to understand the roles, plans and the two can work in collaboration for the success of the website. It is therefore always recommended to ensure a collaborative effort between developers & product owners while developing a website for your business. This can lead to successful project completion.


Make the Business Website Searchable

Is your website searchable? This is an important thing to consider if you wish to make your website profitable for your business. You should always take care of certain elements while designing a website before it goes live.

Things like keywords, internal links, meta tags, etc let search engines understand what a website is about and hence making it more indexable & accessible to users. A professional SEO company will not only help you create an amazing SEO friendly website but also help you make that website more accessible to both users & search engines.


Identifiable Links

You must focus on making links identifiable. After all, the major aim of adding a link to any web page is to direct the website visitor to a specific location on the website. Hence, you should make sure that the links are easily identifiable. Try underlining the text or use a different color so that it stands out from the rest. This will help your visitors recognize the links and work accordingly. It is always recommended to make good use of anchor tags in case of internal & external links.


Gain Feedback

Gaining feedback is an important aspect of improving your website. This gives you a space for betterment. You must make way for feedback. This will help you to boost user experience. Offering contextual support will take user experience to a new level.

So start with data captured from Google analytics and assess engagement time of visitor. Thereafter, you need to design a “Call To Action” CTA button. See if it works properly. When it comes to gaining feedback though, you are always on a test & trial. Use what works and improve further.


Get Rid of 404 Errors

It is very frustrating for a website visitor to land up on a page entirely useless for them. Users will leave your site, never to return back. 404 errors are the ones that occur when you land on a page which is no longer available. You can imagine the level of frustration a 404 error page can bring in a visitor.

So make sure the visitors are always directed to the expected page the moment they click on a specific link or image. This will happen only if you remove all 404 errors from your website.

404 error page example


Fix Javascript Error

Fixing JavaScript is yet another important technical issue when it comes to improvement tips for your website. The error can make your visitors painful to through the site. It is very important to defend your browser from each Javascript error. The error messages can prevent your target audience from getting through the buying procedure. This can be very disastrous when a customer is about to check out and a JavaScript error occurs.

The errors can make you lose customers. Hence, it is crucial to fixing the error messages as soon as possible. Running a Java test will help you to see if the installation is working appropriately.


Check Bounce Rates

Technically, a bounce occurs if a visitor lands on a page but leaves without visiting any other page on your website. Higher bounce rates indicate overall user dissatisfaction with a website. A higher bounce rate clearly explains the poor user experience (UX) of your website and also effect on the SEO.

A higher bounce rate is attributed to the loss of interest on your website. Bounce rates play an important role in measuring the performance of your website.  It is, therefore, you need to check out these rates and fix the issue.


Browser & Device Compatibility

All the informative and useful content on your website is not worth if your website is not compatible on all browsers. Mostly used browsers include Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, opera, Microsoft edge & others. You should make sure that website is visible on all these browsers so that you wont miss any audience as far as possible.

Not only this, you should give an equal effort on your website responsiveness. A responsive website is the one that opens on all kind of devices including desktop, laptops, tablets & smart phones, no matter what size they are and what OS they use.

You can check the mobile friendliness of your website for free here:


Improve Loading Time of your Web Page

A study suggests that if your website takes more than 3seconds to load, visitors will bounce off. This means that load speed plays a vital role in user experience since nobody would like to wait for your website to load forever. So, In order to improve your website, you should always look to improve your Load speed time & again. You can check your website load speed from this tool for free:

All you need to to is type your website URL and it will display the load speed along with your website size.

And the best of all, it will also enlist a list of things you could do to improve the load speed. ANd you know what this tool provides you all these awesome things, that too for free.

Pingdom tool to check load speed


Final Thoughts on Website Improvements:

There are number of factors that effect the functionality & user experience of a website. However, these were the 9 most important website improvement tips that you can implement for your business for a better user experience and gaining traffic. Let us know which website improvement tips, you feel should be prioritize for your business. Your thoughts and suggestions would be highly appreciated in the comments below.


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