NSU Tech Fest 2018

NSU Tech Fest 2018, One of the most awaited science & technology fest this year in Nepal is finally going to be held this June at Annapurna Hotel, Kathmandu, Nepal.

The event is going to be organized by Nepali students Union (NSU), which is one of the major Nepali Congress’ political group of Students.

The fest is scheduled to be held on 9th & 10th June and will welcome any idea, project or design from students, startups, entrepreneurs, investors, & local people.


The event is estimated to host around 20,000 people in a single day. Above 2,000 Engineers and 200 Entrepreneurs along with Possible Investor are believed to visit the event. One can imagine how productive this event can be for business owners & even startups & Entrepreneurs.


This type of event is one of its kind in our country and can be of a great advantage for startups,” says Avinash, PR Manager of On the go EventsHe adds,” This event would be even great for product launch and showing off your technology and grow your business“.

This event is also open to students and normal people who are passionate about science & technology. If you believe your idea can change the world, you are welcome in this most awaited technology event of this year.


Category of NSU Tech Fest 2018:

This year, the event has been categorized into three main groups. Those includes:

Civil/Architectural Design Contest:

This category is for people related to civil & architectural engineering. If you think, you have a great design idea in this field, go for it.


Electronics Exhibition:

This is the category for Electronics engineers & geeks. Make sure to register for the event if you have already have implemented your great idea or just in the starting phase. You can always get some technical or financial assistance at the fest.


Computer Exhibition:

If you really think if you can build the next Facebook or Microsoft, this is for Dude.. Just kidding. This category of NSU Tech Fest 2018 welcomes all new and fresh idea in programming & software technology.


Registration Process

You can download & fill the NSU registration form. Then, you can submit the form along with registration fee of Rs 20,000 per team and later, the organizer will contact you regarding the events in detail.


Who is this Tech fest for?


NSU Tech Fest 2018 is for all those science & engineering students who believe their idea solve a problem and contribute towards a better economy & world.



Startups, who want to share & showcase their startup success are welcome to NSU Tech Fest 2018.



This fest is equally important to Entrepreneurs who are already in the business related to science and technology.



Those who want to promote their products and services can install their showcase stalls at the event venue and become the attraction for thousands of potential customers.


Business Owners:

This is also a good opportunity for business owners who want to build a network and exchange their business ideas and views with related business persons at the event. At the event, Business is all about proper networking & marketing.


Speakers at NSU Tech Fest 

Sher Bahadur Deuwa, Ex-Prime Minister, Nepal

Ram Chandra Poudel, Senior Leader, Nepali Congress

Nain Singh Mahar, President, NSU

Kundan Raj Kafle, General secretary, NSU


Attraction Of NSU Tech Fest 2018

Exhibition & Fairs

Engineering students from different parts of the country will exhibit their innovative ideas, design & project in front of thousands of people at the event. Total of around 40 stalls is to be supposed to install at the techno fest.


Innovative Events

NSU believes that Nepalese have got a great innovation & talent. if you think you have something innovative (should be non-commercial) to show to the world, you are invited to the fest.


Promotion and Product launches

If your startup, Brands or any innovative product has the capability to affect the engineering market, this fest can be a great asset for your business to gain attention and PR.



NSU Tech Fest 2018 is also supposed to conduct fundraising programme for new startups, business & innovations. So, if you think you have a great idea but lack fund, this event can certainly be of a great advantage to you.


Date: 09 june- 10 June, 8 A.m – 5 P.M


Venue: Hotel Annapurna, Kathmandu, Nepal



So, This year’s most awaited techno event is finally going to be held this month. NSU Tech Fest 2018  is one of the must-go event for all Tech people, Startups, Entrepreneurs, and business owners.


What do you think about this fest in Nepal? Do you think it has a greater chance of success?

Let us know your thoughts about the NSU Tech Fest 2018 in the comments below.

NSU Tech Fest

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