Learn about How to start your nail Polish business with Anna, the most celebrated beauty entrepreneurs of Poland.

Pedicure, manicure, kitty-cat claws

The way she climbs up and down them poles

Looking like one of them Putty-Cat Dolls

Tryin’ to hold my woodie back through my drawers”- Smack that, Akon


Piercing the heart of the wintry night, the radio blared roguishly, crooning with the exhilarating number sung by Akon, as I entered the dormitory, tufting away the pair of snow-covered moccasins from my cold, weary feet that had been rambling the sunken roads of the Warsaw City, Poland. It had been one of the coldest nights and I was crumbling like a bitter leaf due to icy hug that cloaked me as I reached my bed. I’m Anna, a thirty-year-old Polish dweller, and I am one of the most celebrated beauty entrepreneurs in my country.

The dream to become one of the most successful names in the cosmetic industry had caused a heavy toll on my life, uprooting my topsy-turvy emotional relationships and the way I approached life. However, as there is a light to the end of every dark journey, very soon, I realized that nature has a way of rewarding you in its own scrutinizing manner and whenever I glance back, the nostalgic journey of the unswerving labor still mesmerizes me.


Do you find nail colors absorbingly intriguing and flamboyant beyond words could paint? Does the desire to show off your nails shaded with the most gorgeous nail colors? Personally, I love the French manicure more than any other kind of nail treatment and that’s how I pamper my kitty cat nails. ☺

Are you a cosmetic entrepreneur looking to start up the perfect nail polish business? Have nail colors always fascinated you? Well, if you want to gush with a powerful sense of inventiveness and create a staggering name in the cosmetic giant industry, allow me to share my trying experience. I am one of the most renowned nail polish entrepreneurs based in Poland and I started this journey of creativity and imagination a decade back when I was just 19.


Let’s tread onto this roadmap to a road which presented a lot of trials and tribulations of practical life and indeed, it is never easy to transform the most titillating dreams into an impeccable reality. I worked at my home day and night diligently, opening a small sized nail spa in my garret and offered the cheapest nail and spa services to my family, neighbors, and friends, in order to master the art of becoming a nail polish entrepreneur. For months, I experimented with sundry nail colors and applied them on different pairs of hands, till I caught hold of the knack to crack up the most beautiful shades subtly, funkily and rosily on different folks, depending upon their penchant to adorn nail colors on their hands in the most gorgeous manner.

Here are a few salient rules and tips that I can incur as a nail expert and if you are trying to launch a similar setup, here is a piece of information on how to start a nail polish business effectively.


  • Figure out the level of your inspiration!


You have to realize how serious you are really and whether you are just looking for a roly-poly side activity to earn a chunk of a few extra bucks and boast about yourself in a closely knit friends’ circle or if it is something much stronger than merely pursuing a childhood dream. If you want to grow and bloom a proper business, you must have a robust business model in your mind. You can look out for Top nail artist around you for better inspirations.



  • Complete your research!


Now, follow research about the best shades in the world, whether mainstream, subtle, funky or simply exotic, you must be very aware of each particular shade, to entertain all types of customers from different walks of life. A stout diversity of blended colors can bring tons of innovation and uniqueness in your work remarkably and this is how you can conjure the unbeatable impression as a nail business entrepreneur and baffle your clients.



  • Create an irrepressible business algorithm:


From devising useful marketing strategies to jotting company goals, product information, and an adequate financial outline, you must know all of it like the back of your hand. You must visit and get a hunch of every business idea floating in the relevant industry and seek advice from the experienced personnel who have come a long way in the cosmetic field.




  • All it takes is a good portion of time and money:


Well, at the start, you need oodles of experimentation and be prepared for the different outcomes. I started experimenting with various base colors, added the different pigments, micas and glittery shades to create my own trademark nail polishes to morph various shades on my own nails. Slowly, I started applying them on other people’s hands too, and to their joy, I offered them for a quick, free service. I was honored with cheerful responses and slowly, many customers simply started getting obsessed about my collection of unique nail color shades.

I had started this business with just 1000 euros and slowly, I invested more money, along with time, hardly sparing a leisure moment for myself as the experimentation of colors is quite exasperating and tiresome at times. But, don’t lose patience and remain steadfast to continue this journey, without expecting overnight results.



  • Choose a reputable supplier:


When it comes to choose a supplier, select the one with the most praised reputation. Before ordering huge volumes of orders, you must experiment with a lot of suppliers to get hold of the best one. This can save a lot of precious time and hard efforts from being wasted.



  • Choose the most striking packaging:


Create a killer logo to mention your company’s name and choose the finest custom printed nail polish boxes that immediately grab the attention of your clients!


Hope you achieve a lot of success and become one of the most famous names in the cosmetic world someday!


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