Dell Laptops Price In Nepal

Are you looking to buy a new Laptop? The first suggestion that you’ll get from your peers and colleagues is Dell. This is because Dell company is leading the laptop industry for a long time with its’ mind-blowing specifications and attractive design.

It manufactures a wide range of laptops, servers, data storage devices, network switches etc. However, if you buy your laptop from unauthorized sellers, you might get into trouble since they provide you with an unofficial guarantee and papers at a cheaper price.

Don’t get fooled by those frauds and always buy them from an authorized seller so you get valued product for your money


In this article, We bring you a list of Dell laptops that fit your budget and quenches the specifications you desire in your next laptop. Here, We have categorized Dell Laptops Price In Nepal under 3 segments:

  • Dell Laptops above 1 lakh
  • Laptops between 50k-100k
  • Dell Laptops under 50000

Dell laptops above 1 lakh

Inspiron 13 7570 belongs to the Dell Inspiron 7000 series. This is the only laptop from this family that is currently available for sales in Nepal. With a 3” Full HD & IPS Truelife Display, smooth touchscreen and a backlit full-size, spill-resistant keyboard, you will definitely be going to have a superior feel with this new Dell laptop. You can buy this laptop for RS. 1,42,900 which consists of following specifications.

Dell inspiron 13 7570 in Nepal

  •     Display- 13.3” Full HD Touch screen
  •     CPU- 8th Gen Intel core i7-8550U
  •     Graphics- Intel UHD
  •     RAM- 8GB
  •     Storage- 256 GB SSD


Pros                                         Cons

Full High Def screen               smaller touch pad

Good performance                occasional fan noise

Sleek and light                        speakers on the bottom


Notebookcheck review: 4/5

Price: RS. 1,42,900

Dell 3468 belongs to Dell Vostro family. Powered by 7th Generation Intel Core i5processor with an incredible4 GHz speed, This series of laptops are built for business purposes mainly and it focuses on portability and connectivity. It comes with an efficient 4 GB DDR4 RAM, making substantial room for a smooth and productive multitasking and speedy response. You can acquire this laptop by paying  1,09,000 rupees which contains the following specifications:

Dell vostro 3468 in Nepal

  •       Display- 14” HD
  •       CPU- 7th Gen Intel Core i5-7200U
  •       Graphics- AMD (2 GB)
  •       RAM- 4 GB
  •       Storage- 1 TB


Pros                                     Cons

      Light weight                  Slow and laggy

      Long battery life          Doesn’t support MS-Word properly

      Good storage               Bad Audio System


Notebookcheck Review: 4/5

Price: Rs 1,09,000


G7 7588 belongs to Dell gaming laptops. Powered with the 8thgeneration i5 process, this new Dell member is quite popular in the gaming community. Among highly successful G3, G5 and G7, G3 and G7 laptops are available in Nepal. For a price of 1,90,000 rupees, you can purchase this laptop in Nepal with the following specifications:

Dell G7 7588 in Nepal

  •      Display- 15.6” FHD
  •      CPU- 8th Gen Intel i7-8750H
  •     Graphics- GTX 1060 6 GB GDDR5 Max Q
  •      RAM- 16 GB
  •      Storage- 256 GB SSD+ 1 TB HDD


TechSpot review: 4/5

Price: 1,90,000

G3 3579belongs to the same family as G7 7588. Let’s take a look at the specifications of these laptops too.

Dell G3 3579 in Nepal

  •     Display- 15.6” FHD
  •     CPU- 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8750H
  •     RAM- 8 GB
  •     Graphics- GTX 1050 4GB GDDR5
  •     Storage- 128 GB SSD+ 1 TB HDD


Pc world Review: 4/5

 Price- Rs.1,59,900


Another laptop of the same model as G3 3579 with the same name was developed with the same spec. But a modified storage of 256 SSD costs 1,90,000.


Reviews on Dell G3/G5 gaming series

These laptops are affordable and offer a great deal on performance and battery backup. They also offer a stylish interior and decent audio but they have a dull display and a low travel keyboard.


Talking about laptops above 1 Lack price in Nepal, There are some which is defenitely not worth the price or you can get a better one at a lower price.

  • Dell XPS Series

Another model that is robust and highly efficient is the Dell XPS series. These laptops can be compared to mighty giants like Macbook Pros in terms of style, design, and performance. But the official sellers have priced them unreasonably higher, so, it’s advisable to not buy these laptops from them.

XPS 13 9370


  •  Display-  13.3” FHD
  •  CPU-  8th Gen Intel Core i5- 8250U
  •  RAM- 8 GB
  •  Graphics- Intel UHD Graphics
  •  Storage-  256 GB


Techadvisor review: 9/10

  Price- Rs. 2,20,000

Dell laptops between 50k-100k


Dell Inspiron 3000 series of laptops are made to meetthe daily needs of users and is performance based. These laptops are made to fit the user’s budget and needs. Following are a few laptops with specifications from this series.

Inspiron 14 3476

Del Inspiron 14 3476 in Nepal

  •     Display- 14″
  •     CPU- 8th Gen Intel core i7-8250U
  •     Graphics- 2GB GDDR3
  •     RAM – 8 GB
  •     Storage- 1 TB HDD


Uae.souq review: 4.1

Price- Rs. 94,700

Inspiron 15 3576

Inspiron 15 3576 in Nepal

  •     Display- 15.6” Full HD
  •     CPU- 8th Gen Intel Core i5- 8250U
  •     RAM- 4 GB
  •     Graphics- 2 GB GDDR3
  •     Storage- 1 TB HDD


Smartprix Review: 3.8/4

Price- Rs. 74,900

Inspiron 14 3476

  •   Display- 15.6” Full HD
  •    CPU- 8th Gen Intel Core i5- 8250U
  •    RAM- 4 GB
  •    Graphics- 2 GB GDDR3
  •    Storage- 1 TB HDD


Uae.souq review: 3.9/4

Price- Rs. 73,200

Dell Inspiron 5000 series comprises of laptops with better performance and design than the 3000 series. These laptops are preferably better for students and professionals for their office usage. Let’s take a look at some laptops from this series and their specifications.


Inspiron 14 5468

Dell Inspiron 14 5468 in Nepal

  •    Display- 14″
  •    CPU- 7th Gen Intel core i5-7300U
  •    RAM- 4GB
  •    Graphics- 2GB
  •    Storage- 500 GB HDD

Price- Rs 65,500


Inspiron 14 5468


  •     Display-  14”
  •     CPU- 7th Gen Intel core i5-7300U
  •     RAM- 4 GB
  •     Graphics- Intel HD
  •     Storage- 1 TB HDD

Price- Rs. 65,900



Inspiron 14 5468


  •    Display-  14”
  •    CPU- 7th Gen Intel core i5-7300U
  •    RAM- 4GB
  •    Graphics- 2 GB
  •    Storage- 1 TB HDD

Price-  Rs. 69,900


Inspiron 15 5570

Dell Inspiron 15 5570 in Nepal

  •    Display- 15.6”
  •    CPU- 8th Gen Intel Core i5-8250U
  •    RAM- 4 GB
  •    Graphics- 2 GB GDDR3
  •    Storage- 1 TB HDD

Price- Rs.70,200


Reviews on Dell Inspiron 5000 series

Laptops in this series are cheap. It has a solid 8th generation core performance. Its’ cons are that it has a terrible display and a poor battery life.


Cnet review: 3/5


Laptop prices under 50K

Unlike the laptops mentioned above, these laptops are also from  Dell Inspiron 3000 series. Their model numbers and specifications are discussed below.



Inspiron 15 3573

Dell Inspiron 15 3573 in Nepal

  •     Display- 15.6”
  •     CPU- Intel Celeron N4000
  •     RAM-  4 GB
  •     Graphics-  Intel HD
  •     Storage-  500 GB HDD

Price- Rs. 40,900


Inspiron 15 3567

Dell Inspiron 15 3567 in Nepal

  •  Display- 15.6”
  •   CPU-  7th Gen Intel Core i3-7100U
  •   RAM- 4 GB
  •    Graphics- Intel Integrated
  •    Storage- 1TB HDD

Price- Rs. 46,070


Inspiron 3567

  •   Display- 15″
  •   CPU- Intel Core i3 7th Gen
  •    RAM- 4GB
  •    Graphics- N/A
  •    Storage- 1 TB

Price- Rs. 45600


Inspiron 15 3567

  •    Display-  15.6”
  •    CPU- Intel Core i3 7th Gen
  •    RAM- 4 GB
  •    Graphics- Intel HD Graphics 620
  •    Storage- 1 TB

Price-  Rs. 46,900



Inspiron 3467

Dell Inspiron 3467 in Nepal

  •     Display- 14″ HD
  •     CPU- 6th Gen Intel Core i3-6100U
  •      RAM- 4 GB
  •      Graphics- Intel HD Graphics
  •      Storage-  1 TB HDD

Price-  Rs. 46,900


Inspiron 3467

  •    Display- 14″
  •    CPU- Intel Core 7th Gen i3
  •    RAM- 4 GB
  •    Graphics- Intel HD
  •    Storage- 1 TB

Price- Rs. 44500


Inspiron 3552 is a good choice to buy if you’re looking to get a decent laptop under 40k. You might have to struggle to surf because of the low RAM that it offers and the pentinum processor that you’ll be getting along. Anyway, let’s discuss the specifications:

Dell Inspiron 3552 in Nepal

  •    Display-  14”
  •    CPU-  Intel Core Pentinum processor N3710
  •    RAM- 4GB
  •    Graphics- Intel HD with shared graphics memory
  •    Storage- 1 TB HDD

Price- Rs. 35,600


Inspiron 15 3558

  •    Display- 15.6”
  •    CPU- Intel core i3 5th Gen
  •    RAM- 4 GB
  •    Graphics- Integrated Intel HD
  •    Storage- 1 TB 


Price- Rs. 45000


Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series verdict

This verdict applies to all the laptops that belong from the Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series. These laptops have a solid construction and a decent battery life. They are also pretty affordable and easy to carry. The other side of the coin demonstrates its’ dim display and shallow keyboard flexes. Its’ performance is below the par and the standard set by previous Dell Laptops.


Dell Review: 3.6/5

Final Thoughts on Dell Laptops Price In Nepal 

So, These were the list of the latest model of Dell Laptops price in Nepal along with their detailed specifications, features, availability, reviews, and offers. These are some of the laptops that you could try your hands on without worrying about the quality. They are certain to give you the best value for your hard earned money.

Whether you are a businessman, tech-savvy person, gaming enthusiast or a normal person like me, you are definitely going to love your new Dell Laptop.

Which of these latest Dell Laptops do you prefer? Do Let us know your thoughts in the comment below.




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