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As of now, you must have understood How important it is to boost your career in this competitive Era.

Whether you are a student, working professional, researcher or a trainer; you always got be updated about your industry or else your career dies in this competitive world. Upgrading yourself is all about upgrading your career.

Web Technology has benefited the whole world over the past 2 decades. The Internet has grown to be one of the basic requirement of Human being in the Modern Age.

The Internet has dominated its presence in almost every sector of the world. Whether be it entertainment, shopping, Business, Education or healthcare, Internet Technology has its presence all over the world.

Even In Nepal, Internet has grown so fast that it has been adopted by more than 55% population of the entire country.

But The sad truth is Most of the users have been limited to using Social Networks. There are many other uses and applications of the Internet which can really boost your career & change the course of your life.

One such advantage is Online Education. Unlike Traditional education system, the Internet gives you the flexibility to learn things according to your time & place and thus in a more convenient manner.

It has opened doors for every people in the world and the great thing of all is, It would not discriminate you on any basis for learning purpose.


With that much said, Let me enlist the top 7 Online applications to boost your career online without the hassles of going to school & colleges. Whether you are a kid, housewife, student, teacher, researcher, or just curious human being who wants to expand his/her knowledge, the Internet is going to be your favorite place.

  1. Lyda
  2. Udemy
  3. Coursera
  4. Khan Academy
  5. Byju
  6. Codecademy
  7. Udacity



Founded in 1995 by Lynda Weinman, Lynda is an online learning platform that offers thousands of courses on Design, creativity, programming & business skills by Industry experts. This is one of the best platforms for students, professional related to IT, Programming, Business & Management.


Lynda was acquired by Linkedin in 2015 for 1.5 Billion. You can access from your Desktop browser or can download the application which is available both on Android & IOS.

Price: You can sign up for the Lynda account free for one month. Once your trial period is over, you will be charged $29.99 each month.

Lynda Pricing



Udemy is one of the largest online learning platforms in the world today. Unlike Lynda, It is primarily used by professionals to upgrade their skills & hence boost their career.

This platform allows people to create their own courses and earn money based on the number of students enrolling in it.

That way, One can create & earn while other can pay & learn. Udemy is completely based on above business model. By 2018, It has more than 65,000 courses offered in all types of different fields. Udemy provides both free & paid courses under several categories.

udemy Home

Udemy literally challenges the complete traditional education system in a unique way.

You can also teach online at Udemy. If you are an instructor or an industry expert, you can create a video series for students; upload it on Udemy and earn money.

Udemy for instructor



Founded in 2012 by professors of Stanford University, It has a slightly different business venture compared to others.

It provides more than 2,000 under multiple disciples like Science, Engineering, Management, Humanities, Arts, Business, Economics,Mathematics, social science, data science, Biology, & Digital marketing.

Coursera Home

It has collaboration with various Universities & Institutions and provides the topmost courses in the respective field.

Coursera also offers on-demanded courses and there are more than 120 on-demand courses in Coursera as of now.


Khan Academy

Founded by Salman Khan in 2006, Khan Academy is a non-profit online education Organization. It offers short videos lectures in their application & youtube channel. It provides online learning videos for students ranging from Kindergarten & school to college & professional courses.

Khan Academy provides the best interactive learning tools to educate its learning. The idea began when Salman khan, The founder of Khan Academy used to teach his cousin through yahoo doodle service. Soon after, Khan started working on its prototype and it has now grown to be one of the best online learning platforms in the world.

Khan Academy Home

Courses Offered

Math: From Kindergarten to High School Mathematics

Science & Engineering




Cosmology & astronomy

Electrical Engineering


Computing: In computing section, it offers various It & programming related courses that includes:

Computer programming

Computer Animation

Hour of code

Computer Science


Arts & Humanities: This section includes courses on

World History

US History


Art History


Economics & Finance:

Khan Academy also offers some brilliant courses on Economics & finance that includes:



Finance & capital



Test Preparation courses:

These include preparation courses for the following:








Founded by an Indian Teacher Byju & backed by chan Zuckerberg initiative, Byju is one of the largest online education startups in Asia.

It offers courses focusing especially on young kids from 4-12 on various subjects like English, Science, Mathematics, Social Sciences.

Byju Home

It also features videos on competitive exams like IIT-JEE, CAT, MAT, etc.

Buju uses interactive learning tools & animation to ensure that students don’t get any problem in digesting the learning contents.

Byju also offers online counseling sessions to students.



If you are an IT aspirant or a computer programming people, Codecademy is going to be the goldmine for you.

This is one of the best platforms for learning Algorithms & coding.

It provides live practices, courses & examples on various programming languages like HTML, Javascript, PHP, Python & many more.

Codecademy home



Udacity is yet another great platform for programmers. Started back in 2011, it offers massive online courses through Stanford University.

It provides In-depth practical courses on Web development, application development, front-end development, full stack development, deep learning, machine learning, Artificial, intelligence, Robotics, Data analytics, self driving cars, Augmented reality, marketing, design & many more..

Udacity catalog

It also provides nano degree programs for students & working professionals.

Udacity also offers corporate training to grow business online & talent recruitment platform for business organizations.

Udacity for business




So, These were the top 7 Online application that can help boost your career. The Internet is a wonderful world and these applications will make you feel that.

Let us know your thoughts below in the comment section. Any suggestions to the list would be appreciated.


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