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Despite having a great product/service, employee and an ideal market, A company can still lose customers & business from a single negative review. This is where the power of Online reputation management comes in. Word of mouth marketing is the best form of reputation marketing these days. But, what if those mouth utter negative words for your business or services? What would you do if someone is unsatisfied with your product/service and bad mouthing about your business to the rest of the world?

These processes of managing the reputation of a business on the web are called Online reputation management.  In this article, you will learn some of the advanced Online reputation management strategies in order to maintain a positive reputation for your business online.


So, What actually is ORM (Online Reputation Management)?

The whole point of ORM or online reputation management is to build a good reputation and value for your business on the internet.

There are 3 funnels in any business from converting a reader to the customer stage :

  1. Information
  2. Understanding the customer’s pain point
  3. Resolution (solving and showing it)

Every company works in these vertices.


Information: Providing correct and useful information to the readers should always be the first priority of any business on the web. First of all, you provide value for your readers with your useful contents and build credibility for your business. It is, therefore, useful & valuable contents are always key to business branding.

Let us consider a situation where a user is looking for certain information on the web (be it the product or service you are offering). If that user lands to your website only to find incomplete and misleading information, you are most likely to lose your business reputation and branding in front of the eyes of the reader. So, it is always recommended to provide complete and valuable information on a topic so that users would not have to visit elsewhere to get the same information. Quality contents and a good on site seo setup can help you here.


Now let’s talk about bringing out customers pain point:

Remember this mantra, ” Your problem is never a customers’ problem but customers’ problem is always your problem” for maintaining a great Online reputation for your business.

“Always try to put yourselves into the shoes of the customer and see what is their problem is.”, says  CEO & owners of the top digital marketing agency.

No matters how much hard you work to solve a certain problem through your business but if your customers are not facing that problem then you have never understood them. And no one loves the company which doesn’t understand their problem.



Let’s understand the last part: Resolution (solving and showing it) phase:

Solving customers’ problem is equally important as providing information & incepting the pain points.

Imagine you have a company who is doing perfectly in the previous two phases. You are providing valuable information and have found out what the customers’ problem is but you fail to solve it or show them that your product actually solved their problem in a certain way.

Do you think you could attract and make a customer loyal to your brand this way.?

Absolute NO.

Every company assumes that they could fix it and they can do good in all the stages but if you slip even a bit, you know what customer starts doing?

  1. They will start taking bad about you.
  2. They will stop recommending your products to other
  3. They will stop being loyal to your brand
  4. They will start giving bad reviews of your brand
  5. They will never and ever become your customer next time

As a result, Your reputation goes down (both online + offline) your business could move absolute out of the market

Someone can say if one goes then other comes .. but, wait…

Data says that,

It’s 90% easy to sell multiple products to the same customer but it’s the same hard to bring the new customer who buys your single product.

And you know?

One bad review from a real customer can ruin all the reputation that you have managed to build with hundreds of positive reviews over years.

So it’s not just easy cake as you have thought. Therefore, you need to have a proper strategy for better online reputation management.

With that much said, Let me talk about the various online reputation management strategies that you can implement for your business in 2019.


Online Reputation management strategies

Online Reputation management strategies


Step1: Find the keywords or the phrases that are associated with your brand name:

To start maintaining your brand reputation online, you need to find out what are the terms that are coming to your brand, right?

So the first step is to find the keywords that are being used for your brand.


How’d you do it?

You can do this with the help of various tools like Google suggestions, Ubbers suggest, google keyword planner, Ahrefs any tools that are used to search the keyword.


Let me show you an example of “dewsoft overseas” which is an MLM company in India.


Let me quickly go to Google and search the company :

Below is the result that I found after searching “dewsoft overseas”.

These are some of the reviews of Dewsoft.

Dewsoft SERP

Sounds cool & legit, isn’t it?

Wait, there are more..

Dewsoft negative review SERP


oh, something fishy did you notice those reviews. Some people have posted that DEwsoft is a fraud.

In the same way,

If you search with GKP, ahrefs and other tools, chances are you may find out some more negative suggestions and mentions, maybe.  I am not here trying to defame Dewsoft in any ways, by the way.

This is human nature to get attracted with better review & suggestions.  You, as a marketer or business owner, should be responsible to take care of negative word associated with your brand name.

Importance of online review

so my point here is :

Before trying to control your brand image, you need to know what are the things it’s coming up with.

And if you find any kind of words associated with the brand, take a note of it

Also, take note of the URL if it’s found in the search since these are the words and places you need to take care of


Step 2: Find out your brand mention :

Now your second step is to be active on the web to track all your brand mentions.

It means, if someone is speaking anything bad or good about you online, you need to know the places where people are mentioning you.

How would you find these kinds of mention or how to know what people are talking about our brand?

Well, the following are the tools that you can use to monitor your brand mention on the web:

  1. ( google alert)
  2. ( Mention)
  3. ( sprout social )


Google Alert:

Here is the dashboard of Google alert tool that can be used to find out your brand mention on the web.

All you need to do is to enter your brand name and it will display you the number of places where your brand has been mentioned online.

You can also provide your email address to get an alert from Google whenever someone mentions your brand.

Once, you have found your brand mention, it is now time to manage those mentions with respect to your brand.

If it’s a good or positive mention, respond in the same way so that you can again provide value

Here’s a good piece of example on how to answer a positive review for your brand.

Example of review handling

But What about a negative review?

If People are mentioning your brand name with negative emotion then also you need to gently respond to them and solve their query as soon as possible.

Besides these, there are few strategies to deal with poor reviews:


strategies to deal with poor reviews

Have Patience and stay Calm:

Even if you have done a great job and don’t agree with the clients’ feedback, it’s the time to stay calm, have patience and listen to clients’ perspective.


Respond Fast:


Its OK if you delay responding for the positive mention but if its negative mention, OMG just fix it ASAP..


Be Polite & courteous:

Even if the user has badly mouthed everywhere about your company in the review, it is your responsibility to be polite & courteous with them and make them understand in a decent manner.


Use Public Domain for replying:

Consider a customer has given you a bad comment or review on Facebook, it is always recommended to reply to them on the same domain, since every other people will be seeing that thread. Stop replying in the inbox.


Accept the mistake & Offer incentive in return:

It’s not wise to lose a customer for a bad attitude or ego. If you think you have made a mistake, take the courage to accept it and offer an incentive in return. This will create a good brand & respect for your business online.

This is an example of how you can handle bad comment or review on social media:

handle bad comment or review on social media


which company doesn’t have a problem? Everyone has but never be late to fix the problem.


Step 3: Be Easily available for the customer :

These days, there are so many chat tools that can be integrated into online assets (website ) through which anyone can connect to the company easily and fix any problem or query.

I suggest every company should display the support contact number or the support email at the front so that people (customer) do not get panic in any problem or situations.

and the best part is :

if they ( customer) face any problem in your product it will be limited only between your brand and your single customer.

Likewise, in the above condition if the Sainsbury had not replied to the mail immediately they would have ruined their image in front of the respective customer.

So, It is always recommended to get easily available to the customers on time.


Step4: Take care in Advertising and branding in this way :

First of all, I would like you to take a few seconds to watch this video of CARS24 company (this is a place where you can buy and sell your cars)

video link here.

Cars 24 Youtube Ad

Alright, your concentration checking time now :

did you find anything wrong in that video?

“Did you notice, she said that her car had begun to trouble her, and so she decided to sell it on cars24 “

Now, Think from a customers’ perspective.


This may convey a negative message that you get a not working, troubling and low-quality car in CARS24

and even big brands are doing these types of mistakes.

so one small and single mistake can lead to huge different things sometimes.

Takeaway: When you are advertising or branding anything, gear up & start taking care of all sorts of things.


Final Thoughts on Online Reputation management strategies

There are so many factors that can be taken into account to maintain online reputation. Some can be controlled directly and some can’t be.

Those platforms or mentions which can be controlled and taken care by yourself should be done properly and maintained seriously.

Whereas platforms, which can’t be controlled directly (like social networks, groups & forums), you should be active, approachable, diplomatic, & careful.

Not only customer is responsible for your brand images but everyone( directly or indirectly ) including Founder, CEO, employee, competitors, investors, shareholders are responsible for better online reputation management.

Online reputation management is never fun, it’s serious work. Data says that 5% of the marketers in the big company are allocated to the company’s Online Reputation management (ORM) strategies.

So, These were the top Online Reputation management strategies for Business Branding. Let me know your thoughts in the comment below.


one last word

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