Online Home Based Business Ideas

Online Home based business ideas may have sounded strange in the 90s but the technology has revolutionized every aspect of our life. For instance, today, it is no longer required to go to an office and sit for long hours in a confined space to earn your living. You can very well do it from the comfort of your home.


Yes, it might take you a while to wrap your head around the idea of working from home but believe us, it is possible and it can be successful too.


In this article, we will open your mind to the world of an online home-based entrepreneur.
Without further ado, let us go on with the options you can look into while thinking about starting an online home based business.


We are going to categorize these business ideas on the basis of professional & noobs. Internet and social media have given such a power that even students, noobs like my grandmom, Housewives & unemployed people can earn a decent amount of bucks through a little effort.



Types of online home based business

  • online home based business for professional
  • online home based business for Noobs


Online home based business for professionals


Social media consultant

Social Media Home based online business

Social media is where people are spending most of their time these days. This has led many marketers to direct their focus to social media platforms to create awareness about their brand and promote their business.


Companies usually, do not take much time to reach the place where their target audiences are. When it comes to big companies they easily can market their brand on social platforms by hiring a full-time social media manager who looks after the company’s social media needs.


But in the case of small businesses, which have limited time and limited staff these pose a great constraint. Here, mostly the owner himself has to do the job of social media manager.


In such a scenario, if you offer your services to the small businesses you can increase their popularity through appropriate posts and social media tactics. This will, in turn, lead to the growth of your business as a social media consultant.



SEO Consultant

Search Engine Optimization is a hot new career of the modern time. Today every company or shop owner who has a business has got an online presence. But, it is not sufficient enough to just have an online presence. The website needs to have a good level of traffic & has to implement some SEO measures in order to grow your business online.


This will not only increase the visibility of the brand but will also lead to the growth of the business through increased sales.


If you have knowledge about SEO and can help business owners by making them more visible to their audiences then you can consider turning yourself into an SEO consultant. All you have to do is enlighten the business owner regarding the benefits of having SEO done.



Web Design

In the age of the internet having a website is the norm of almost all the businesses no matter if they are big, small or a start-up business. Now, when there are already so many websites present in the digital space and even new websites are emerging every day, there is a great demand for work of a Web Designer.


There is nothing more uninviting than a badly designed website. Websites are the online address for a business and the companies or budding entrepreneurs want them to be the most attractive as they can be.


This requires the services of a web designer and if you have the knowledge of HTML and the other techniques to deliver a spectacular website than there is a huge scope for you in the market as a Web Designer.



Virtual assistant
Companies specialize in their niche market and as such, they prefer to focus their time and energy in the areas in which they are best. But while running a business, one has to take care of many functions of the business that contributes to the survival of the company.


These tasks may not be as important as the revenue generating tasks but nevertheless, they are important. So many times it is seen that the companies outsource some work like administrative, data-entry and other types of jobs to individuals or companies.


The businesses are then said to employ the services of a virtual assistant. Let’s give you an idea on the tasks that a virtual assistant may be expected to perform:

  • Website management
  • Social media management
  • Content writers
  • Market research
  • Fixing up appointments with clients



Affiliate Marketing Business
Affiliate Marketing is a viable home business. There might be some misconceptions surrounding it that once done you can forget about it. But this cannot be farther from the truth. Like any other business, it requires consistent management.


You can think of affiliate marketing as some sort of referral program. It is especially beneficial for the companies because they only pay for the results. As per the leads, clicks or sales through your affiliates, the company is going to pay you a commission.


There are two ways in which you can earn through affiliate marketing:

  • Through selling the services or product of the company
  • By referring the affiliate program to others

If you have a home business and a website you can easily take the advantage of the affiliate marketing. Some people even can turn this into a full-time business through their blogs or through the use of a funnel system.



E-book publishing and Information Marketing

Home based online business Ebook publishing

If you have a knack for writing or storytelling, there is a great opportunity in the digital market where you can sell them. People are always in search of impressive reading content online.


In such a scenario if you have a great story and you are able to package it in an attractive way and sell it through distributors, you will be earning well.


You can achieve this feat in two simple ways:

  • First, you need to write an e-book and sell it through a well-known online book retailer like Barnes and Noble, Amazon, iBooks, and many others. This is easily achievable and doesn’t cost too much


  • The second way is to create your e-book or other informational items such as videos, courses or tutorials and selling them through your own website. In this way, you can also make use of affiliate programs to have an additional source of income.

E-book or other informational items can pose as a product themselves or can also be made use of to promote some already existing business.



“Writing or the web” is one of the most important aspects for any professionals or companies whose business ventures are based on the internet.


You might have heard “content is the king”. This has been emphasized more after panda & penguin updates from Google.


This has opened a new door for quality writers. If you are good at writing, you are going to be benefited a lot from the web.


Doesn’t matter whether you are passionate about music, movies, sports, health, technology, business, politics or whatever you can imagine, internet has space for all.


Each website needs contents and your writing can be honored anywhere around the web.


All you need to do is sit at your home, write articles and sell them for companies.


You may create your writing gigs on freelancing platforms like upwork or fiverr or can do remote jobs for foreign companies at the comfort of your home.




The process of sharing information through various online platforms is called blogging. Information can be anything from news, personal opinions, knowledge, expertise, or any other contents.


A blogger is someone who has a good knowledge of a certain topic and shares his knowledge & information on it with the intention to monetize it.


How does it work?

  • You select your niche (A niche is kinda topic which you are gonna write about Ex: sports, health, movies, technology, etc).
  • You write many articles on that topic.
  • People visit your website & love your contents.
  • You write more and build a good traffic.
  • Once you have build up a good amount of traffic, you monetize it through various affiliate networks or ad networks like Google adsense.
  • You now start earning.

This is as simple as that.

But you need to have some sort of expertise & passion for your niche and of course patience for your work.



Tax Preparation
Tax is the mandatory thing for every people earning on this planet. And if you are good at accounting & preparing task, you have a better chance of earning online.


There are numerous of companies worldwide that seek for people who can prepare taxes for their clients. Thanks to Globalisation for that.


You can seek for a number of Tax preparers jobs online or sigup at freelancing platform and earn a good amount of money from the comfort of your home.




Home based online consulting business idea

This can be great online home based business ideas for people who are experts at certain skills.

If you are good at something, you can guide other newbies who have just started and you can earn a decent amount of money from consulting.


All you need to do is share your time & expertise with your client and they pay you money in return.


Consulting can be for anything, be it general consulting, education consulting, business & marketing consulting, engineering consulting, etc..


Isn’t that kinda a cool retired business for skilled people?



Online home based business for Noobs

With the advent of the internet, people have got a wonderful platform to showcase their skills & talents to the world in no time and thus has proved to be a financial bane even to unprofessional people. So, it is no longer necessary to born with a silver spoon to be a star now.


With that much said, Let us enlist some really cool online home based business ideas for noobs.


Vintage Clothing reseller

Online home based cloth reselling business

This is a wonderful online home based business ideas, If you are interested in clothing and have a good sense of fashion & trends, you can select few fashionable & trending vintage cloth from the online stores around the world.


You can write about these products, build a good online community an earn a pretty decent amount of money by reselling from various affiliates.

That’s the power of the Internet that pays for your hobby.



Online handicrafts

Online home based handicrafts business

So, you are interested in handcrafts and like making some cool DIY stuffs at home?


There’s a good news for don’t have an idea how much people these days love handicrafts & DIY stuffs.


In a recent survey, it was found that many people are now bored with regular online shopping and they tend to search cool, DIY stuff for their collections. You have really a large market since very few merchants & sellers are into this right now.


All you need to do is make some really cool, interesting, unique, (maybe weird too) at your home. Just give it a shot of marketing & advertising through various search engines & social media and look at the customer’s flow.


You may build up your own store or put your products online on various shopping sites like eBay, Amazon, Flipkart or others which fits your product & audience.



Youtube channel

Youtube channels have proved t be one of the biggest sources of incomes for many YouTubers.


If you are good at anything (be it dance, sing, mimic, DIY, an expert at a specific skill, analyzing, gaming, sports, or anything you can imagine) and you think people would love your stuff, don’t miss a chance to record yourself doing it. Because who knows you can be the next youtube millionaire or something.


No, I am not kidding. That’s true. People have even earned millions of dollars just doing pranks on youtube. Can you believe that? But, it’s true. To add to it, I must tell you that there are more than half a million people on youtube who earns monthly from their youtube channel.


All you need to do is record a video and upload it on youtube from your channel. Once you start getting viewers and traffic to your channel, you can start monetizing your videos with the youtube partner program. Isn’t that amazing?




If you are good at gaming and think you can defeat anybody in the game, you have a good chance of earning huge bucks just playing games & chilling at your home.

You might be thinking that why in the world would anyone pay you to play games?

But you’d be amazed to know that many video games company pays kids to play a game and find bugs (if any). They just want to test the game before launching it. You test them by playing and they pay you for testing. It is as simple as that.


They are many websites that pay you to play games for them.


Moreover, if you think you can beat anyone in gaming, you can start a youtube channel, challenge someone live and play games with them online, record and upload on youtube.


There are millions of people who follow games on youtube. If you are good at defeating, chances are you will get in traction very quickly. That gives you an opportunity to build your traffic and monetize your channel.



Gone are those when you could only dream of being a music star due to such huge competition and the peer pressure of life and maybe because you were lazy.


Talent has a place at every corner of the world and the internet has proved it right.


Whether you are good at singing, dancing, playing musical instruments or anything like that, you can easily grow your audience online and make a good amount of money from it. So, even if you have dumped your music hobby because of any excuses, you can still stand straight, hold your instrument and turn your hobby into online business.


Let me tell you a short story of a kid who started his youtube channel at a young age, sang song online, recorded his own videos, got fame on youtube, got approached by Hollywood, and now we know him by the name of “Justin Bieber”.


Yeah, that’s the power of the internet, my friends. You don’t even need to step out of your house to get famous.


Apart from youtube, there are plenty of websites online that pay you for your musical talent.




Well, This is not exactly online home based business ideas. However, you can also earn money by doing it at home.


Photography is a wonderful job and it is appreciated all over the web.


If you are good at photography, you can snap some awesome clicks with your camera and list in various paying websites. Once anyone likes your photo and decides to buy it, you will get your pay with a certain percentage commission cut.


You can also build your own portfolio on platforms like 500px and sell your photographs online.


I have known many of my friends who have earned thousands of dollars selling photos online.


Here is the list of websites that can pay you $100 or more for a single image.


You can either start your own photography service and work as per your ease.




Taking Survey
You’d be surprised to know that there are certain platforms that pay you to take surveys. Yeah, they do exist & they do it for a purpose.


You can also earn money by watching ads, videos, installing apps, writing reviews and all the weird things you can imagine.

Here is the list of the best paid online survey websites in 2018.




Earning money by giving instructions or teaching sounds one of the most fascinating online home business ideas. This is for both professional & unprofessional people.


If you are good at teaching, you can be an online instructor for kids or you can teach language classes online for a decent buck.


Even if you are good at anything like cooking, dancing, music, speaking, languages, etc, you can design your own classes & sell them online.


There are various platforms like Udemy where you can design your own course, prepare classes & upload & sale online.



Even if you don’t have any skills, degree, or you know nothing at all, it is obvious that you at least know a couple of languages ( maybe English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Nepali, Hindi or any others). You can still earn online, my friend.


There are many companies that seek translator on a regular basis.


With the advent of online businesses & globalization, the need for Translator has come into the rise.


You can apply for Translator jobs online and translate for companies from your home or you can do it on regular basis creating your own online gigs on various platforms.



Micro Jobs
You don’t need to be expert at anything. There are certain micro jobs which you can always apply for. Various online micro jobs like voiceover, Translator, video & text review, writing, speaking, commenting on social media, & whatever you can imagine.


The process is simple:
You do a task for someone & they pay you for that. You are paid for your every task.


A platform like Fiverr is great if you are looking for micro jobs.



Final Thoughts on Online Home based business ideas

The Internet has proved to be one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century and It has open doors for countless jobs & opportunities. Whether you are a skilled professional in a respective field or just a noob or newbie, you can always expect some positiveness from the Internet.


So, These were the online Home based business ideas for both noobs & professionals. Which idea do you think is best suited for you. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

You can also add something in the list that you think is missing.

Home Based Online Business Ideas

Online Business Ideas

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