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To Grow your business online, you don’t need a large investment & manpower. All you need to have is a good product/service, a well-optimized website & a strong web presence for a startup success.  The Internet has proven to be one of the coolest inventions of the late nineties and it has really made our lives so easier.

Internet productivity has flourished all over the world and now is the perfect time for startups & business owners to grow their business online.  For those who have already established their online business knows how easy, flexible & fun it is to set up your business on the Internet.

As of now, you must have realized that you need your business to be expanded, and probably on internet. So, Why Internet?

  • More than 90% of people surf internet daily in US. And the data is even growing in second & third world countries.
  • Gone are those days when people read Newspapers for News; magazines for Products & information; telephone for communication & Tv & radios for entertainment.
  • It’s 2018 and People have become more advanced. With the booming technology, People have adapted it so quickly that one would never have imagined.
  • People prefer Internet for any type of communication, information or entertainment which probably means that Your potential customers are hanging on internet now. So, where else are you looking for them, man?

So, The conclusion is Internet marketing has become one of the crucial parts for any type of business growth; be it traders, manufacturers, retailers or service providers like logistics, Restaurants, educational institutions, hospitals, Beauty parlors, online store, photographer, etc..

But The main question is, How?

With all those overwhelming contents on similar topics, one easily gets confused & exhausted.

Alright, I am going to tell you those exact procedures you can implement to grow your business online, fast & steady.

Here are 8 proven techniques to grow your awesome business on the web with little investment & increase your revenue like never before.

Grow your business online

Solid Audience Research:

Audience research is one of the most important aspects of growing your business online. Before you dive into other business analogy, you need to first determine who your audience are. This is important during the entire phase of business development process.

Consider you have a business based on latest gadgets and you sell stuff like Mobile, cameras, Laptops, speaker, etc.

In this case, your most probable audience is going to be youths (age 15-30, both Men & women) & professionals (aged 25-50, both men & women).

There are some factors that play a vital role in defining your audience. Those includes:

  • Your products: Your audience may vary according to your product. If your business is based on Kids wear, your audience can be mothers & maybe grandmas, Whereas your audience is going to be Men (age 18-45), if your business is based on beard oil. So, it is important to define your products in order to determine your audience.
  • Place: This is yet another important factor for determining audience. One product might be disliked by people at one place while the same product sells like a crazy at another place. Think about it. Consider, your business sells fashion apparel online in Ethopia. This can be a nightmare for you since Ethopia is one of the poorest & internet deprived countries. In the same scenario, your business can get a good benefit in countries in USA, UK, Canada, India, if done correctly.
  • Take another example of a business based on fast food like Mo:Mo, chowmein, etc. In this case, the business can just do tremendous where it is liked the most whereas it can fail at a place where people don’t prefer them as fast food.
  • Culture: Culture plays a vital role in determining your audience. If your business is based on Alcohol beverage, you would probably not like to target people living in those places where alcohol consumption is prohibited or those beverages are banned.
  • Interest:
    This is one thing that varies with respect to each individual. One person can like Cotton jeans while other may prefer quarter pant. So, it is upon self-interest. So, it is important to uncover audience based on your product. If your business is based on online food delivery, you got to be finding those people who are employed, lazy & importantly not interested to cook for themselves.
    This creates an interest in your food So, it is interest that compels them to order for your food.


Building Network With Social Media

Build Network to grow your business online

If you are an online store or a small business based on services, I would suggest you start with Social Media. Most of the people who surf internet are mostly active on Social Media channels like Facebook, Snapchat, Linkedin, & Quora, etc. So, You can research your audience and establish yourself on relevant social Media channels.

Just remember, Don’t waste your time posting things on all social media channels. Just put the best quality content and be relevant & consistent.


Best Practice:

  • Choose the Appropriate Platform. Appropriate here means choose the best & relevant platform for your business.
    For ex: If you are a hotel Vendors or beauty parlors, or online store, Facebook would be the perfect fit.
    If you are in B2B Business like software, Accounting, Enterprise, Manufacturing, etc, You would probably like to build a strong network on Linkedin & maybe show off your works & portfolio on Facebook as well.
    So, Just pick the right one and be consistent.
  • Post relevant contents:
    Don’t post irrelevant stuff on your business page. This can cost a very low impression to your brand. Just Put the relevant stuff.
  • Focus on Quality; not quantity:
    After 2018 Algorithm update by Facebook, I would strongly recommend not to focus on quantity of posts per day or stuffs like that.
  • Be consistent:
    Consistency is yet another important aspect when it comes to Social Media. You got to be consistent in order to win at Social Media. It is obvious that you won’t get much follower & engagement. Despite that, you need to be consistent & post fresh, unique & relevant contents; be it text, image, videos, infographics or others.

Note: It is recommended to test your social Media Growth for few months. Do some tweaks, test some strategies, through few ads maybe. As of now, you must have gained few insights about your audience, their demands, and maybe some feedback too. Now, It’s to dive in the second phase.


Optimized Website

In order to establish your web presence & grow your business online, You must have a dynamic website. A website is similar to your physical address but digitally.

You must consider the website as one of the main pillars of your business in online world. No website; No business.

While designing website, you need to take an extra care in its optimization. A well-optimized website is what everybody loves; even Google.

Search Engine Optimization, Popularly known as SEO is the backbone of Digital Marketing. SEO is a strategy of optimizing your website in such way that it becomes easily accessible for both search engines, like Google and users who use them.

For ex: If someone searches for “Beauty Parlour In Nepal”, you would probably like to appear in the top of their searches because nobody like to move to page 4 or so to look for their result. It is as simple as that.

More than 80% people visit the website which appears on the first page of search engine. And you might probably not know that 1800 people search for “Beauty Parlour In Nepal” each month from Nepal. And maybe if you are on first page of Google, at least 180(10%) person would visit your website.

That literally means if you are in beauty parlor business & provide a good service, you’re probably losing 180 customers per month who are looking for you but are not aware of you because you didn’t appear when they searched for you.

And then comes the beauty of On-Site SEO & Link building. SEO is all about optimizing your website in such a way that help you appear among your potential customers.

SEO is not a magic. It’s just a smart science. If you know what Search engines need, Just present yourself according to their requirement. That’s it. No BS.


Building Brand Credibility

Build Brand Credibility to grow your business online

Building trust & credibility is the most important factor to grow your business online in this competitive market where multiple vendors are offering the similar products & services at a lower price. Just imagine why people prefer cold drinks over local fruit juice even they know that cold drinks are good for their health. It is the brand that cold drinks companies have built over the years through marketing & advertising that compels us to go for them.

First, they studied us, our interest, our habits and later came up with a product, labeled them as a cold drink, branded them like a crazy and make it as one of our habits. And this is how they earn billions selling those cold drinks which have literally no benefits to our health and guess what?? we are paying for it. There are many such examples.

You can build your brand credibility online through 2 ways:

  • Content: Content is the most fascinating things you get online. It is content that you are reading right now. If you find it useful and share with your friends, that creates a brand of mine. It is as easy as that. Google’s main objective is to display the most relevant content for a particular keyword searched by a user. And people generally analyze a brand if it satisfies your queries on the internet. This is where the power of content comes in. All you need to do is identify the keywords which you want to be known for and produce valuable, fresh, unique & trustworthy contents for your readers. That way, you can create a trust & credibility for your business. In the online world, you need to first educate your readers about your products or service before pitching yourself as an expert. This is the mistake committed by most of the entrepreneurs and they directly offer sales pitch rather than educating their readers.
  • Quality Product/Service:
    No business can survive without a good service. If you are a product based business vendor, your product must be of superior quality before establishing yourself as one because you can only fool a person once. So, You need to have the best quality of products or service in order to attract and retain a customer online.



This is quite straightforward. You should not hesitate to ask for your real cost. Don’t get afraid that people won’t buy from you if your products are expensive. In fact, the scenario is quite unreal.

If your products or service is too inexpensive, people usually ignore them thinking that they must be of poor quality. It is thus recommended to put a competitive pricing for your brands when it comes to the online world.



Pay per click, popularly known as PPC is the process of paying search engines, like Google in order to show your ads to potential customers.It is one of the quickest ways to get instant traffic.

However, there are various factors you need to take care of while creating your ads. It is a form of paid advertising where you target a similar group of searchers based on the keywords.

Those factors include:

  • A quality score which is based on relevancy & keywords.
  • Budget
  • Landing page


Don’t forget Logistics

Logistic management to grow your business online

Now, This is for E-commerce vendors. If you want to grow your business online, you got to be ahead of your competitors when it comes to logistics.In this competitive market, logistics plays an important role in startup success.

Nobody loves a late delivery of their order. In case of food delivery portal, things are even more challenging. So, you must ensure a quality packaging & fastest possible delivery to your customers. Because In the end, “Customers are king”.



Finding Affiliates

In general, Affiliate marketing refers to the process of getting commision in reward for promoting someone others’ products & services on the internet. Ex:- If I find you a customer for your Mobile repairing business, you gotta pay me a percentage of commission. This is how affiliate marketing works.

Once you ensure that you have got the best products, services or offering for customers or clients, you can now look for affiliates in your niche.

Finding affiliates is not a great deal the on the internet. All you need to do is to pay a certain amount of commission percentage to your affiliate agent once the conversion is done.


These were the 8 proven techniques to grow your business online. Once you are done with these important steps, you must be able to setup & grow your business online at one level.

I am very sure you will be able to get a decent amount of traffic and generate a nice revenue. In the next article, we will discuss some advanced business growths hacks & techniques to take your business to another level online.

Stay Tuned.

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